The Negative Impact Of Video Games

The Negative Impact Of Video Games


Video games are very popular among children and youth. In America, around 67% of people are fond of playing video games. They are not aware that spending a lot of time in playing these games can cause damage to brains, ability to sleep and overall mental state. An addiction to video games prove to be very harmful for physical and mental health of a person. Learning about the negative impacts of video games can help you safeguard yourself from its destructive action on the body.

The Negative Impact Of Video Games

Destroys brain structure

Studies have revealed that “shooter games” damage the hippocampus region of the brain. This area is used for long-term and spatial memories. As the shooter games make excess use of the “caudate nucleus” instead of the hippocampus, it results in illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and depression.

Adversely impacts memory

Video games negatively impact the brain, vision and memory. People who play these games are seen to have low short-term memory than non-gamers.

Leads to aggressive behavior in children

Children who play violent or aggressive video games often display aggressive behavior. They tend to feel a reduced level of sympathy for others. Violent video games make a child feel dull and unenthusiastic towards life. It can even increase the chances of children to commit the violence themselves.

Violent video games are associated to violent behavior in a child. Less compassion, more aggressive, low level of compassion, easily angered or agitated are some of the signs of playing violent video games.

Causes vision related issues

Anything when done in excess will negatively impact your body. Playing video games continuously for longer period of time causes health issues. Constant watching the screen without blinking the eye reduces the eyesight of a person. Some of the other bad effects are computer eye syndrome, inability to concentrate, headache and pain in the eyes.

Makes one stressed

Children who are habitual of playing violent video games are seen to have increased levels of stress. They are at a higher risk to develop neuropsychiatric ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression etc.

Causes anxiety

Another important harm caused by video game addiction is anxiety and mental health issues in a person. Around 9% of gamers become easily anxious when faced with any challenging situation. An addiction to video games hinder sound development of mental faculties in a gamer.

Inhibits emotional abilities

Playing video games for several hours in a day hinders the development of frontal lobes. These underdeveloped lobes inhibit learning ability, memory and the ability to feel and express one’s own emotions. Children who have a habit of playing these games are seen to display behavioral issues, hyper, and lack interest in academics, and school.

Difficulty in sleeping

Video games also deteriorates sleep quality of a person. A person who has a habit of playing video game regularly for prolonged time suffers from inability to sleep or a delayed sleep. This happens because video games results in an increased cognitive alertness and physiological arousal. This make it tougher for gamers to fall asleep just after playing a video game at night time.

Video games disrupts with the sleep quality. 18% of video gamers found it harder to get a sound sleep after playing a video game. Doctors advise video gamers to restrict the media time and/or game time to the daytime hours. This will greatly help in reducing sleep troubles at night time.

Makes one Addict

Addiction to video games is just like any other addiction such as alcohol addiction or drug addiction. Video gamers who are addicted to playing video games, if don’t get chance to play video games, then it causes them irritation, and aggression. Rather than depending on reality, gamers spend most of the time living in the fantasy world.

Video games provide them an opportunity to escape the reality. If a video gamer fails to beat a specific score or accomplish a target, then it makes him obsessed. Video games has the ability to escape the reality and sink into the “virtual world.” If someone forces them to leave this unreal world, then the addict becomes cranky and aggressive.


Looking at all these side effects of playing video games, it is quite evident that these games are bad not just for brain, but also for overall body. Save your loved one from these harmful consequences of playing video games. Encourage them to engage in healthy physical games and activities that strengthens and nourishes his mental and physical faculties.

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