How Technology Affects Our Life?


Introduction of a new technology changes our way of thinking or the way we perform daily tasks. It takes our life to a completely new level. They make our life better, faster and convenient. The progression of technology has dramatically modified society. Numerous people from all parts of the world benefit from modern technology.

The wonderful opportunities it offers to people play a vital role in almost all areas of human life. Technology has made access to the necessary tools in education, medicine, industry, transportation, communication, etc. quick and easy. Let us learn more about its impact in daily life.

How Technology Affects Our Life?


Safety of kids

Technology assist parents to communicate with children and learn about their location. It helps in supervision of their children’s activities. With mobile phones, children can stay connected with their family members all the time. In this way technology ensures best level of children’s safety.

Lack of awareness

Technology is not all good. With increasing use of mobile phones, people are very much engrossed in their laptops and smart phones. They are blind to the ones around them. They are physically present but mentally absent.

People are seen to spend less time with their family members and more time playing games, chatting with friends, listening to music etc. with their gadgets. Such type of ignorance results in losing relations with their close ones.

In the field of education

Technology is seen to create negative as well as positive impact in the field of education. Excessive use of electronic gadget helps in deviating concentration of students in the classroom. With all the information available on the finger tips, their ability to research on a topic on their own reduces. Also, not all information available on the internet is credible.

Now let’s look at the positive side of technology. Visuals appeal more to students than text. With technology enabled classroom, learning has become more dynamic. Instructors now use Audio Visual aids to deliver lessons to students. This not just makes learning simple but also effective compared to traditional textbook and chalk-based learning method.

Technology has helped students realize their dream of pursuing degree courses from reputed universities. They can enroll for online correspondence courses and avail interactive lectures at the comfort of their home. This feature has greatly benefitted people of rural areas to obtain degree courses without moving to urban cities for learning.

In the field of health

Science has come up with a plethora of innovative tools that provide fast, precise and easy diagnosis and cure of a health condition. This has helped to cure deadly diseases that were incurable in the past. Some of these new technological solutions in healthcare are organ transplantation, stem cell therapy, EHR, wireless brain sensors, precision medicine, robotic surgery, telehealth, etc.

Due to improved healthcare services, the average lifespan of people has increased and mortality rate is reduced. Health wearables help people track their calorie intake and expenditure, heartbeat, blood pressure, sugar levels in blood etc. easily at home. This helps in living a fitter and healthy life.

There is bad side of technology too. Too much use of modern technology devices has left people with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and sleep issues. Playing games or working on electronic gadgets for a long time has deprived people of sleep. It has also caused obesity, vision issues, cancer and a lot more.

Increase in work productivity

You will find yourself using technology devices in home or office throughout the day. These devices are phones, computer, food processing appliances, geyser, coffee machine, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. that makes quick and effortless accomplishment of task. Completing the task before time increases productivity. The time you save can be put in other important activities.


Technology enhances the environment by devising intensive agricultural methods, improved fertilizers, constructing better houses, etc. It provides a collection of modern machinery, arrangements, modifications, and procedures that aims at improving productivity of crops.

On the other hand, it can even lead to excessive land exploitation.  This helps in decreasing its fertility. Factories, power plants and cars pollute the air by way of emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide gas, that eventually triggers a hole in the stratospheric layer.


Technology makes a nation powerful to protect its citizens against malicious intent of rival nations.  It is only beneficial till it is used for protection and restoring peace and harmony in the world. When nuclear weapons are used for destruction purpose, then it adversely impacts society. It ruins the life of people by creating an environment of anxiety, stress, and fear.


Technology has impacted our life in both positive and negative way. Though, modern technology facilitates tasks and duties of people, it can even weaken human bodies, damage nature, and also destroy good values in regards to social communication. Embracing the positives will help you reap maximum benefits out of it.

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