How To Use A SIM Card On A Laptop?


The latest computing devices in market now come with an inbuilt SIM card slot. It enables user to insert your SIM card into the device to connect to the fast internet and converse to your connections over VOIP. This article guides you how to insert and remove a SIM card on your laptop built on a 3G technology.

How To Use A SIM Card On A Laptop?

What is a SIM Card?

Most of us have seen and used a SIM card in their smartphone. Its function remains the same when you use it in a laptop. A SIM card is a form of smart card that a cellular network operator uses to recognize their service subscribers present on the cellular network. You will receive the SIM card from a mobile network operator once you activate the Cellular Broadband service.

How is a SIM card slot useful in a laptop?

A few laptop models in the market comes with cellular data capabilities. This card enables easy access to the fast speed cellular network in the same way how it permits a phone to access a network. There are three different types of SIM cards that you can insert in a laptop depending on the manufacturer’s design. These are Mini-SIM, Nano SIM and Micro SIM.

  • Mini-SIM card: This is the commonest form of SIM card available in the market. The size of this SIM Card is 15x25mm
  • Micro SIM card: The latest phone versions now come with smaller size of SIM card slot to fit Micro SIM card perfectly. This SIM card has 52% smaller size than the size of a normal SIM card. Its size is 12x15mm
  • Nano SIM card: This SIM card was first launched in the market by Apple Corp. The size of it is 60% smaller than a normal SIM card. The overall thickness of this SIM card is lessened by 15%. Due to its extra thin and small size, Nano SIM card can’t be cropped from Micro SIM card or Normal SIM card. Mobile carriers will assist you in providing you the desired size of SIM card. The size of this a Nano SIM card is 12x9mm.

Laptop models with inbuilt SIM Card slot

Gone are the days when people used to tether their laptops to their smartphones to access lightening 4G LTE data connectivity. Technology has seen a lot of improvement over a few years. One of its significant contributions is in the form of using a SIM card on the laptop. Looking at the business and personal requirements, many laptop brands have introduced specifically designed laptops with SIM card slot feature.

With this feature you can connect your laptop to a cellular connection without requiring a mobile to perform this task. Most of the laptop manufacturers now offer the “LTE 4g/3G” to users who needs it. We have mentioned a few laptops models that have a SIM card slot built into them:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet
  • HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 Notebook PC
  • Lenovo Yoga C630
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 2
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5
  • Google Chromebook Pixel (4G LTE)
  • Lenovo Miix 310
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 4G
  • Microsoft Surface 3 LTE Edition
  • Dell Latitude E5470
  • Panasonic Tough Book 54

Tips to properly insert and take care of a SIM Card

There are a few tips that you need to take care when inserting and removing a SIM Card.

  • Do not twist your SIM card especially its metal chip;
  • Ensure that the metal chip is clean and not in presence of chemicals and dust
  • Don’t take out and insert SIM card frequently
  • Don’t put SIM card into the slot in the temperature that exceeds 85℃ or falls below 35℃;
  • Switch off the phone prior to replacing its battery.
  • Don’t install the SIM card into the slot in the wrong direction as it can cause damage to your SIM card slot.
  • Never remove or install the SIM card when the computer is in switched on state. It may cause permanent damage to your SIM card and the SIM card reader.

Steps to insert the SIM card from your laptop

  • Switch off the laptop
  • Disconnect all wires from it including the AC adapter
  • Shut down the display
  • Take out the battery.
  • Insert your SIM card into the card slot till it fits properly.
  • Insert the battery into the laptop.
  • Switch on the computer and reconnect all the cables you have disconnected.

Steps to remove the SIM card from your laptop

Repeat the above steps. In place of inserting the SIM Card, you need to remove the SIM card from the slot. Reinsert the battery, reconnect all wires and switch on the power.

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