Tesla Cybertruck Price And Release Date In Canada

The Tesla CyberTruck is an electric battery driven light weight commercial vehicle. It is currently in development and going to be released soon in Canada by Tesla Inc. The company has announced three major models, Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD and Tri Motor AWD. Based on the model you choose, it will offer with a range estimate of 250-500 miles, and estimated 0-60mph of 2.9-6.5 seconds.

Tesla Cybertruck Price And Release Date In Canada

Over 1.5 million Tesla truck models have been sold alone in the United States. As per Tesla CEO, they are in need of introducing something different model, and want to manufacture trucks that run on sustainable energy in place of fossil fuel trucks that are sold daily in the US. To achieve their objective, Tesla has revealed its “electric pickup” truck in Los Angeles, California.

The new range of Tesla Cybertruck will comprise of three models. These models will be faster than the prominent truck brands, Ford F-150, and Porsche 911. The pricing of this newest release of truck will start from $53,009 CAD, and $39,900 USD. Looking at the huge demand of the Tesla Cybertruck, it is now available for “pre-order”. It can be bought with a refundable deposit of $150 CAD. The production of Cybertruck is estimated to start in late 2021, and all the three models will be available for release in 2022.

Tesla Cybertruck Dimensions:

Width: 79.6 inches

Height: 75.1 inches

Seats: 6

Bed: 6.4 ft

Wheel Base: 149.9 in (3,807 mm)

Length:231.7 in (5,885 mm)

Layout: Rear Motor, Rear-Wheel Drive, Dual or Tri Motor Drive

Body Style: Polygonal

Platform: Tesla in-house

Class: Light Commercial Vehicle/ M segment (EU)

Design features

The remarkable design of Tesla Cybertruck looks very appealing to people. This Cyber truck has an exoskeleton that is created from ultra-strong 30x cold-rolled stainless steel. The steel used in this machine is the same allow that was used in developing Space Starship Rocket. This truck shows an amazing ability to endure an airborne effect from a 9millimeter full metal jacket, with 110-grain bullet from ten meters. The Cyber truck is covered in a bulletproof coat.

Tesla Cyber Truck is made with Tesla Armor Glass. It has got a flat geometry and made to be stronger than its regular truck glass that is based on its on-stage demonstration. The Cybertruck ‘Vault’ is 6.5 ft in length. It has hundred cubic ft of lockable outside storage that is built to easily carry maximum 3,500 lbs payload. The towing ability of Cyber Truck Tesla is 14,000 lbs. It has the capability to pull an F-150 effectively. Standard version of Cyber Truck provides an autopilot, but its complete Self Driving version is available at a price of $9,200 CAD for all Canadian users.

The truck will use a self levelling suspension system that compensates for different loads. There are a few other standard level features that include on board power invertors that supplies 120 V and 140 V electricity. The machine also includes an air compression system to power pneumatic tools. The exterior stainless-steel sheet metal offer bullet resistant properties that shows powerful protection against 9mm caliber bullets.

On road and off-road performance

Looking at the on-road performance of the Cybertruck, its tri-motor configuration can easily take you from 0 to 60mph of just 2.9 seconds. You can complete 1/4th of mile in just 10.8 seconds. Off-road performance of the Cybertruck includes a maximum of 16” of clearance, a 28” departure angle, and a 35” approach angle.

Battery configurations

Looking at the battery range of Cybertruck, you will get three configurations as:

250+ miles equivalent to 402 km

300+ miles equivalent to 482 km

500+ miles equivalent to 804 km


In terms of charging, the Tesla Cybertruck charges at more than 14,000 Superchargers. It has 110v/220v on-board outlets, on-board air compressor and produces 250 kW power. There are mainly three configurations designed for Cybertruck, all of them are able to deal a 3500 lbs payload:

Single Motor RWD

Range: 250+ miles equivalent to 402 km

0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds

Top speed: 110 mph per 177 kmh

Tow capability rating: 7500 lbs

Price: $50,008 CAD/$39,900 USD

Dual Motor AWD

Range:300+ miles equivalent to 482 km

0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds

Top speed: 120 mph per 193 kmh

Tow ability rating: 10,000 lbs

Price: $66,293 CAD or $49,900 USD

Tri Motor AWD

Range: 500+ miles equivalent to 804 km

0-60mph time of 2.9 seconds

Top speed: 130 mph per 209 kmh

Tow ability rating: 14,000 lbs

Price: $92,864 CAD/$69,900 USD

The production of Tri Motor AWD is expected to be released in Canada in late 2022.

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