How To Use A Fake Number To Call Someone (Spoof A Phone Number)?


Spoofing is regarded as an activity when a person makes a call and intentionally changes the phone number shown to the call receiver to mask his identity. The person who engages in this activity or spoofs a call will select a different phone number to be displayed to the call receiver. There are several companies online that provides you the facility of “call ID spoofing”. A few are available for cellphones that operates with Android and iOS. They also offer additional complex level of services pertaining to the call spoofing.

How To Use A Fake Number To Call Someone

Spoofing is considered to be legal when it does not cause any harm to the receiver of the call. Some of the cases when it is legal are when doctors use this service to protect their privacy and their patient’s privacy from getting exposed. Government and private detectives, call companies and sales professionals can use it for quality control objectives. They use spoofing ID services for maintaining a high degree of secrecy to accomplish the objective efficiently.

Ways To Spoof A Number

Spoofed numbers are available in two different forms, based on what you seek from your number. These two forms are permanent numbers and disposable numbers. Permanent number do not modify or recycle. They remain with you for as long as you require them.

Disposable numbers are made to get cycled. You can use these numbers till their validity and then discard them. So, the type of phone number you take depends on your use. Let us know more about spoofed phone numbers and the services that provides you the facility.

Permanent Phone Numbers

These types of phone numbers are beneficial when you have to provide your number to only significant contacts without giving away your personal information. This service provides a level of blocking of calls and other restricted features. Permanent fake numbers are cheaper than its temporary counterparts.

Disposable Fake Phone Numbers

You would require these number when you want to use it for once and not keep it for a long time. You can call any individual or a business, disconnect your call following the talk, and discard the number. This will prevent the person to contact you again. To use a disposable number, you may need to pay some charges. There are two services named “Talkatone”, and “Voice”, that provides disposable number either free or at a very nominal charge.

Applications that offer Spoofing Numbers


There are a few spoofing applications on the web that offers you to spoof your phone number. Burner is considered to be the most trusted application out of them. It gives a new number to people whenever required. This is a real number. Users can use it to call as well as text from inside the application. The call receiver will see the Burner info in place of your actual number. This application is designed to be responsive, and smooth. The number is provided free of cost and is valid for seven days on installation.

Using Spoofing Services

Besides spoofing applications, there are various spoofing services online that help people with spoofed numbers. It works like this. A person registers on the spoofing service site. He pays the subscription fee and become the member. He logs in as a member on the website and enter the phone number that he wants to call and the phone number that he wants to show on the Caller ID. You can decide the mode of making a call i.e., through landline, smartphone or web browser.

Some of the recognized and effective spoofing services which offer different types of services are mentioned below. Users can choose them according to their needs such as a spoofed call, call recordings, ambient sound and call statistics.


This service provides features such as transfer to voicemail calls, call recording, SMS messaging and voice disguise. Works on Android and iOS powered mobile devices.


SpoofTel provides features such as ambient sound, call recording, as well as voice disguise. It works on iOS driven mobile devices and desktops.

Covert Calling

This spoofing service comes with common spoofing features like call recording, voice disguise, ambient sound and a temporary demonstration of the tool.


Practicing safety on the web is very important. Using a spoofed phone number is considered to be the best ways to do it. Whether it is signing up on a website you cannot trust, shopping online, or purchasing concert tickets, you should keep a secondary spoofed phone number handy to use. Hope the above information has provided you all the needed information to spoof a phone number.

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