How to hard reset Oppo mobile phones

Learn the right way to hard reset Oppo mobile phones


You can easily hard reset your Oppo mobile phone without any software knowledge. However, before you perform this procedure, you need to know that hard reset deletes all the data from the phone. You won’t be able to recover your data such as apps, files, and contact, etc. This article will tell you simple steps to hard reset your mobile phone.

How to hard reset Oppo mobile phones

What is Hard Reset?

A hard reset is a way to restore your device to the state when you purchased it. This implies, that whatever settings and applications that have been added by you in the phone will get removed permanently. After this process, you may lose your data as well.

Why should you hard reset your phone?

There can be several reasons when you need to hard reset your phone. A few of them being:

  • If the performance of your mobile is very slow
  • If the mobile hangs
  • If the mobile is impacted by any virus
  • To stop malfunctioning of your electronic device such as a mobile, tablet, etc.
  • To remove any application or file or virus that is hard to remove on the device
  • To free the memory space present on your electronic device.
  • To clear any settings and configuration of the electronic device
  • To delete personal information from your device before you selling it to any other person.

Steps to hard reset your phone

So, let us get started with the hard-reset procedure. All these steps have to be followed sequentially.

Step 1: Switch off your Oppo phone.

Step 2: Now, Press and Hold any of the below combinations until you see your Android reboot menu.

  • Volume Up and Power button (or)
  • Home button and Volume Up and Power button (or)
  • Volume Down and Power button (or)
  • Volume Up and Volume Down and Power button

Step 3: When you see Android reboot menu, you need to visit the “Recovery Mode” menu. Hold down the Power button for some time.

Step 4: Next, use the Volume Down button to choose the option “wipe data/factory reset” and Power button to confirm the operation.

Step 5: Now choose the “yes” option using Volume Down button. Press “power button” to accept it.

Step 6: Lastly, press “Power button” to enter “reboot system now” option.

This completes the procedure to do the hard reset on your mobile.


Learn the consequence of hard resetting your phone before you do it. Follow the above steps in the right order or else you will lose your valuable data in the phone. The above steps will assist you to reset your Oppo mobile without any issues.

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