Best picture settings for LG OLED TV

Best picture settings for LG OLED TV


Watching your favourite show on your LG OLED television with the incorrect settings, would not get you the most out of it.  Choosing improper picture setting can destroy your overall watching experience.

A single picture setting would not work for all. It depends on various factors such as personal choices, type of use, type of model (normal or advanced) and environment. In this article, we will tell you the right picture settings for LG OLED television set.

Best picture settings for LG OLED TV

LG OLED contrast ratio

Following are some of the contrast ratio settings in OLED television.

  • OLED LIGHT: This setting enables adjustment of the brightness of display by changing the OLED panel brightness. This happens because OLEDs do not have backlight.
  • Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the bright and dark areas of the picture.
  • Brightness: Increase the intensity of dark regions to make the dark details viewable and avoid black shade.
  • Backlight: This setting controls the brightness of the television screen by making adjustment in the backlight.
  • Sharpness: This adjustment makes image appear clearer and sharper by creating edges around picture content.
  • Colour: This adjustment regulates saturation of colors. It is needed in very bright surroundings.
  • Tint: This feature makes adjustment between red and green color of an image.
  • Colour Temperature: Makes the picture look colder or warmer.

Expert Controls

List of expert control settings in OLED television

  • Dynamic Contrast: This control adjusts the variance in brightness between dark and bright regions of the television screen.
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping: This feature automatically adjusts the contrast depending on the intensity of HDR material.
  • Dynamic Colour: It makes a picture look colorful and lively.
  • Preferred Colour: Grass, skin and sky colors are set to the personal choice.
  • Gamma: This feature sets the medium illumination of the image.
  • Colour Gamut: This control assist in extending the gamut.
  • Colour Filter: This filter provides images in a better colour and hue saturation matching.
  • White Balance: This feature adjusts the tone of the television screen with the help of a white reference.

Picture Options

List of picture options in OLED television.

  • Noise Reduction: This factor removes small dots to create a better quality of image. It smoothens its colors.
  • Motion Eye Care: it automatically adjusts the screen brightness, lowers motion blur and prevents eyestrain.
  • LED Local Dimming: Darkens specific regions of the backlight thereby making other areas of the television screen to become dark or bright. This feature works by increasing the contrast and generate artifacts. Its edge-Lit backlight darkens only vertical stripes whereas Full Array Local Dimming darkens different zones of the screen.
  • TrueMotion: Different types of frame interpolation.
  • Off: Switch off TruMotion.
  • Clear: Shows quick images clearly.
  • Smooth: Makes rapid motions appear soft.

OLED Panel Settings


  • Calibration Mode: These settings prevent “burned-in” picture quality on the OLED television if it has been in on state for a long period of time.
  • START ONCE TV IS OFF: The Pixel Refresher functions automatically when the television is switched off.
  • START NOW: The television turns off quickly and the Pixel Refresher begin to work. When this process ends, the television will automatically turn on again. Whenever the television is switched on during this operation, then the Pixel Refresher stops instantly.
  • Screen Shift: The shown image is shifted slightly at regular intervals of time to prevent any further Burn-In.
  • Logo Luminance Adjustment: This control darkens static areas parts of the television screen like channel logos.

Best recommended picture settings for LG OLED television

To access these picture settings, choose Menu -> Settings -> More -> Picture

Picture Mode                              isf-Expert

OLED LIGHT                                 95

Dynamic Contrast                       Low

Contrast                                       85

Dynamic Colour                         Low

Dynamic Tone Mapping           Low

Super Resolution                       Medium

Preferred Colour                       Medium

Colour Gamut                              Auto

Gamma                                        Medium

White Balance                              On

Colour Filter                                 Off

Black Level                                   Medium

Noise Reduction                         On

Motion Eye Care                         Off

Real Cinema                                 On

TrueMotion                                 Off/Smooth

JustScan                                       Off

Aspect Ratio                                16:9

Energy Saving                               Low

Pixel-refresher                               Start once Tv is Off

Eye Comfort Mode                       Off

Logo Luminace Adjustment        Off

Screen Shift                                   On


The below recommended settings improves the factory settings based on the environment and your personal taste.

Setting (Mode)    Natural Light /Vivid   Artificial Light /Standard  Dark Room /Cinema

Backlight / OLED LIGHT  100                             80                                         80

Contrast                            100                             85                                         85

Sharpness                         30                               25                                         10

Brightness                         50                               50                                         50

Color                                  70                               50                                         50

Tint                                     0                                 0                                             0

Color Temperature        C50                             C20                                         0



Hopefully we have given you an overview of the important LG OLED picture settings that would optimize your television picture and make your television watching experience amazing.


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