How Technology Has Changed The World?


Over the last years, technology has significantly influenced the world. Its remarkable resources and tools, has revolutionized the life of people. We have become so much habitual and dependent on technological gadgets that imagining a life without it is next to impossible. Technology has improved the life style of people on a global level. Let us know how it has impacted a common man and the world.

How Technology Has Changed The World?

People have become tech savvy

Modern technology has impressively influenced the way people communicate. The number of global active web users have now reached to 3.1 billion people. It is close to half of the entire population of the world.

Technology has changed the definition of ‘media.’ Now media is a lot more than just a news platform. It has become the most preferred and brilliant medium to exchange information across the world. Social media is a big statement that a digital technology has made so far. It is one of the ways in which technology has an impact in a person’s life.

The App Culture

Those days are gone when people used to search for the meaning of a word via a dictionary. With mobile technology, all you need is to download specific apps like dictionary apps to perform the tedious task in a few seconds.

Google is served as an easy way to search for any information in the world. With a huge repository of information, you no more need to visit a library or go through a book to find the information.

Cashless Economy

Another benefit of technology is the introduction of debit cards, credit cards, master cards, visa, and other payment wallet schemes such as Paytm, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pe. With these payment options, a customer need not carry cash with them to buy any product all across the globe. The online shopping, online payment of bills, online fund transfer etc. are some of the ways in which technology has made financial transaction quick, easy and secure.

Improved communication

The entire world has confined to a small space. With technology, your communication is no more limited to phone calls. You can communicate with anyone in the society by sending them a message on social media network. Facebook, Skype, SnapChat, Instagram, Video Conferencing, etc. have all become a part of daily life. This is a remarkable way to communicate with your overseas friends living in different countries.  This is one of the effective ways in which technology has revolutionized the world.

Technology has improved entertainment

Earlier people were completely dependent on television as their only source of entertainment. Over the past few years, the entertainment industry has got revolutionized. The digital space of television has become innovated with features like pause and record feature to watch a serial at your own convenience. NetFlix, Amazon Prime and other entertainment apps etc. have become new avenues of watching television.

Technology has significantly improved healthcare service:

With the use of advanced and innovative systems and processes, doctors are now able to give precise, quick and the most effective treatment to people. Technology has made it possible for doctors to share the patient data with overseas doctors to find the best treatment.

The new technological processes such as robotic surgery, wireless brain sensors, three-dimensional printing, stem cell therapy, artificial organs, MRI scanners, etc. have made it possible to treat life threatening diseases to a large extent.

Improves the way a business is done

Latest information technologies impact the way we do business. New business models are innovative and technology-based. Whether it is a small sized business or an enterprise level business, every business is now using technologies.

Technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, marketing automation, robots, and hybrid cars, are changing the way businesses are run in the world. All these technologies have the only aim to make more profit in less time and without any need of human. Cloud computing technology is shaping the present and future.

Now the place of hard drive, pen drive and DVDs are taken by One drive and Google drive cloud storage. The advantage of cloud storage is that the information you store on it can be accessed anywhere, and anytime. It doesn’t need any specific installation of a business application. Storing on a centralized system eases employee to access it from anywhere and at any time.


Technology has become an integral part of the life. Its remarkable developments and inventions have modernized various spheres of life such as communication, entertainment, health services, and a lot more. The significant changes brought by technological developments is creating a better tomorrow for the world.

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