Impact of the internet on our lives – Positive and Negative


The internet has become very popular nowadays. Its easy accessibility helps people to connect to the world quickly. It has served as a valuable tool in making the life of people much more convenient. Like any technology, the internet has also got its own share of negative effects. Development of IT, specifically the internet, has positively and negatively impacted the society. This article discusses about the pros and cons of the internet on society.

Positive and Negative Impact of the internet on our lives

Positive impact of the Internet on our life

For consistent social development

With selfless guides, blogs etc., the internet has made social interactions much more credible and authentic. In addition to it, online shopping, online marketing, online jobs, mobile wallets and online banking has assisted societies to discover new heights with the help of the internet. It has improved the living standards of society as well.

The Internet offers a variety of communication platform for societies. Presently, social entrepreneurs and social workers have impacted a large number of audiences worldwide on personal, social, environmental and economic topics via blogs, videos, social media, ebooks, podcast, infographics and newsletters. The internet has given liberty to people to share their thoughts and feelings within the society. This is a significant benefit of the internet in development of society.

Easy access to education

The internet provides people with a huge repository of information on a wide range of subjects. It has offered innumerable benefits to students all over the world to get benefitted by the knowledge of the internationally accredited lecturers from distant institutes at the comfort of the home.

Live classes, online tutorials, and interactive training sessions help people to realize their dream of securing degree from reputed universities in the world.  The positive influence of the internet on the society is also seen in the form of the increasing number of online business and freelancers.

It is easy to perform a research

Before the advent of internet, library had been the only source to access relevant information and learning materials to carry out research on a subject. Now with Google and plenty of websites, blogs, support forums, etc. information gathering has become easier. It just takes a few seconds to get access to the enormous literature to support knowledge generation and development of a conceptual framework of a person.

It enables people to review medical studies, business articles, videos, medical articles, hobbies, scientific articles, and find answers pertaining to any topic. Users can watch television shows, movies, sports event, podcasts and music videos, and even consult with the doctor on the internet.

Negative impact of the Internet on our life

Addiction to online games and social media

Addiction to online games and social media is one of the significant disadvantages of the internet in the present society. Children, youth and adults, all are addicted towards games online. This takes away valuable time that could otherwise be put into some productive use. The internet has also led to the cause of obesity in children. A lot of children are seen to spend their precious time playing games on computer, and accessing social media and other entertainment channels online.

Reduced human touch

People are more and more absorbed in online activities, that they have forgotten to pay attention to the actual world. Social networking websites has shifted their attention from the real friends to virtual ones. They are a sort of disconnected with the society.

They are so much engrossed in performing online activities that they have hardly any time to interact with their friends, coworkers, and family. Their life is confined to their smartphone or electronic gadget without any knowledge about their surroundings.

Increase in cyber crimes

The internet has led to criminal activities too. As people share a lot of personal and financial information online, it has resulted in an increase in cybercrimes. People with malicious intent send spam and fishy messages with an intent to steal their credit card information. Phishing has led a lot of people to lose their millions of dollars to deceptive business transactions.

It also results in the stealing of the bank account information, credit card numbers and social security numbers. This can put an innocent person in a big trouble. In this way, cybercrime is one of the most devastating negative impact of internet in the society.


The internet has created both negative and positive impact in the society. There is a requirement to manage the technology for the overall benefit of the mankind. Ensure that the web security is in place to safeguard people from the adverse influence of the internet to common people.

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