Essay On Nano Electronics

Nanoelectronics, or Nanotechnology in Electronics is significantly affecting the society. Use of nanotechnology in electronics is delivering expected and unanticipated ways to benefit society. Let us learn about Nanotechnology in detail.

Essay On Nano Electronics

250 words essay on Nano Electronics

Nanoelectronics is everywhere. It is used in most of the products that we use in our daily life such as computers, sensors, electric cars, mobile phones, and more. This technology improves the operational abilities, and energy efficiency of electronic parts, and devices.

Nanotechnology is assisting people to improve, and revolutionize, in various industries, and technological sectors that includes homeland security, information technology, transportation, medicine, food safety, environmental science, and energy.

The advantages that you get from nanotechnology is on the basis of whether or not the assemblies of materials can be customized to a very small size to attain specific properties. This will significantly be an extension of the material science. Nanoelectronics has improved the performance of electronic devices to a large extent.

Use of nanoelectronics can make the materials lighter, stronger, more reactive, more durable, better electrical conductors, and various other enhancements in its attributes. A lot of commercial products that are available in the market relies on nanoscale processes, and materials.

The technology has significantly contributed towards key advances in electronics, and computing sector that leads to quicker, smaller, non-brittle, stretchable, highly efficient, light in weight, and highly portable systems that are capable of managing as well as storing large chunks of information easily.  Semiconductor nanomembranes have resulted in development of flexible electronics to assist in e-reader, and smartphone displays.

Nanoelectronics has made electronic devices like lighting systems more efficient. Stronger, and lighter vehicle chassis aids in the transportation sector. Its low energy consumption makes it useful in advanced electronics.

500 words essay on Nano Electronics

Nanoelectronics implies the application of “nanotechnology” in designing and developing electronic parts. Such parts are made to be very small in size, just a few nanometers. This is because the smaller the electronic component is, the tougher they are to manufacture and the more they exhibit specific material properties. This makes it very important in material science to use and for research.

Nanoelectronics is a field that spreads a diverse range of materials, and devices that share common attributes. Due to their very small size, physical effects modify the properties of the material at a nanoscale. Quantum mechanics, and Inter-atomic interactions plays a major role in the execution of these devices. Quantum effects like atomistic disorder, and tunneling govern the features of such nanoscale devices.

With the help of nanoelectronics, the first transistors that was developed in 1947 with a size of just 1 cm. Till date, the tiniest transistor that has been made is seven nanometers long. The outcome of the technology is designing billion-transistor processors, 7nm manufacturing methods, where 20 billion transistor circuits are assembled on a single semiconductor chip.

Important types of Nanoelectronics devices

Spintronics: Spintronics is the study of electron spin in solid-state devices and its linked magnetic moment with electric charge. It is used in the areas of memory and data storage in electronic devices. It plays a significant role in developing new technological methods that are based on the quantum behavior for computation.

Optoelectronics: Optoelectronic devices are another category of Nanoelectronic devices that sources, identifies, as well as control light. The introduction of these devices is very important to solve a prime issue in the current information age, i.e., energy consumption. Optoelectronic devices are available in a variety of forms, and shapes. They are designed to be very energy-efficient, consumes less power and generate less heat in the surroundings. These devices use nanofiber materials, and carbon nanotubes to enhance their operational performance.

Displays: Display technologies comprise of three technology areas: Electronic paper, Organic LEDs, and devices that demonstrates still graphics, and Field Emission Displays.

Flexible, and wearable electronic devices: Another important type of devices based on nanoelectronics are wearable electronics that includes smart, and innovative health monitoring devices such as smart watches, fitness bands, electronic stick-on tattoos etc.

In the future, wearable electronics is expecting to create tiniest wearable, flexible computers that can be embedded in fabric of textiles. These electronic textiles will enable the production of hi-tech garments with integrated electronic functions, and distributed sensors.

Such e-textiles is going to revolutionize the electronic industry. These electronic garments can sense, store, act, release, move and think new man-machine interfaces, and biomedical monitoring functions. Wearing carbon nanotube electronics, in the form of a temporary tattoo will help in analyze the levels of glucose in the blood. On the other hand, by wearing graphene nano sensor tattoo on the teeth will help in monitoring bacteria present in the mouth. This helps in arresting and solving dental problem like decay, and cavity due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

In Areas of Energy: Nanoelectronics is contributing substantially in areas of energy storage and production by making supercapacitors, and solar cells.

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