LG LED TV – Common Problems And Solutions

Common Problems And Solutions Of LG LED TV


LG LED television is one of the most sought after and reliable television sets available in the market. Due to the popularity of this brand, the chances of issues in its operation are less. However, like any machine, with prolonged use, you can notice operational issues on your LED TV. This article briefs you about different scenarios in which you may face an issue, along with its cause and solution.

Common Problems And Solutions Of LG LED TV


LG LED TV  Screen Blanks Out

This is one of the commonly noticed problems in your LG LED Television. In this case, you would notice that the device switches on and off on its own. This is followed by a popping notice with a green color light that blinks on the screen for a few seconds. This makes the atmosphere troublesome. This problem is more prevalent and frequently seen on television that has been used for many days.


This problem is generally triggered by the component in the television system that is responsible for supplying power in the television. When problems begin to develop within the unit, it can suddenly stop working due to reduced power input.

One of the major reasons for the failure of this component is due to the failure of the capacitors present on the boards. This is seen in the form of a bulge or a leakage in the capacitor.


This situation can’t be repaired without the assistance of a qualified technician that possesses remarkable soldering skills.

LG LED TV  Reduced or No Sound Output

This is another problem in LG LED TV that happens due to the failure of the fuses.


Improper functioning of fuses, causes the device to produce pop up sounds. The television screen turns black and your television watching experience is disrupted.


To solve this issue, you need to first disconnect your television from AC power. Once you do this, keep the power button of the television pressed for about ten seconds. After a minute, try reconnecting your television to the AC power supply. Again click the power button and check the sound level by connecting external speakers to your television in the right ports.

If you find that the external speakers are working properly, then it implies that there is a problem with the internal speakers of the television. On the other hand, if the external speakers fail to work, then indicates that the “audio IC” responsible for operating the internal speakers has malfunctioned. In both these cases, you need to replace the malfunctioned component by a new one.

LG LED TV  Lack of Wi-Fi Connection

Another important issue seen in the operation of the LG LED TV is that the television isn’t able to configure a few settings like the “Wi-Fi” on its own. So, if you wish to access the internet via Wi-Fi, it might not work.


There could be a problem with the television or router of a television. If you find that your television is unable to form any connection, then there are chances that the fault is in the router. To arrive at the right cause requires you to do a little bit of troubleshooting on your part.


It is recommended to update the software of the router. If the update doesn’t happen, then you need to reset it. Another thing that you can do is getting “Wi-Fi extenders” and find out if your television can make an internet connection. If the strength of the Wi-Fi signal is not a problem, then it requires you to invest in a new “Wi-Fi adapter” for your TV.

LG LED TV  Display of Horizontal Lines On-Screen

Another frequently reported issues in an LG LED television is the appearance of horizontal lines that starts from the top region of the TV screen and ends to the bottom continuously. Not just the device filled with these lines looks unattractive, but also irritating.


The cause for this problem is the low level of signal strength that your television receives from the set-top box.


One of the best ways to fix this problem is to switch to a box cable like a high definition set-top box that presents higher input strength for highly efficient signals.


These were some of the common problems that can hamper your television viewing experience. With this information, you can get an idea of the cause of the problem. Though some issues are minor and can be dealt on your own, for all complex issues, the assistance of an authorized technician would be the right way to deal with them.

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