How To Take A Screenshot On Your Android TV

Steps To Take A Screenshot On Your Android TV


Do you like what you are currently viewing on your Android Television and want to take a screenshot of it? One way is to click a picture of the TV screen using your phone, but it would not give you good results. The right way is to take screenshots directly on the television. If you don’t know, how to take a screenshot on your Android TV, then read this post. You will learn five different ways to capture the screen of your Android television.

How To Take A Screenshot On Your Android TV

With the help of a Remote

If you wish to grab a screenshot on your Android TV, press and hold the “volume down” and power button together on your remote. Doing this, if you see any animation capture, then it implies that the screenshot is successfully captured.

Using an inbuilt screenshot option

A few Android television models come with a variety of features to capture screenshots.

To access that, you need to press the “Home button” on the remote until you find a new pop-up menu. This menu will have many options. One of them will be a screenshot option. Click this option to take a screenshot.

Now, you will get two other options: “Save and Share” and “Save to Photos”. The first option will save the screenshot on a local place on your device whereas the second option will help you share it with your other devices.

Use the Official Television Application

Both, Android Television as well as Television boxes comes with their remote-control applications that provide the option to capture the screen. You can download this application, to take screenshots and save them directly on the phone.

Use 3rd Party screenshot application

Unfortunately, not all television boxes have their remote-control application. However, there is one popular application as “CetusPlay” that you can use to control your TV Box or Android TV with your phone. This application will help you capture screenshots using it easily.

All you would need is to install the application on your Android television. On opening this application on television, you have to provide it the essential permissions. Now, launch the application on your Android phone. Connect your phone to the Android television. You can use this application to control your Android television. For the successful execution of this step, your television and the application must share the same Wi-Fi network.

To be able to capture the screen of your Android TV, you first have to enable “USB debugging” on it. To do this, go to Settings -> About. Now hit the “Build” around seven times using the select button of the remote. This will give you a confirmation message displaying “Developer mode is activated”.

Now return to the Settings menu and find “Developer options”. Select this option and then enable “USB Debugging”.

Now, open the “CetusPlay application” on the phone. Hit the 3 bars icon located at the top-left corner of the application. Select “Screen Capture” to take a screenshot.

Using the Hardware Button Mapper Application

Not many people know that they can even remap their remote-control buttons to take a screenshot of the television’s interface. To do this, you will have to first download the “Button Mapper” application from the TV’s Play Store. Now assign the “screenshot function” to any remote-control button that you like.

To view your screenshots on the Android Television, download file explorer on it. Now navigate to Home -> Pictures -> Screenshots. Here, you can view as well as remove your captured screenshots.


Choose the most comfortable method you like and enjoy taking screenshots in this way. You can even transfer screenshots to your phone and enhance them with a variety of formatting options.


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