Usage of technology in our everyday life?

How Does Technology Benefits Us In Our Daily Life?

What is the usage of technology in our everyday life?


We are living in an age of advanced technology. Each aspect of our everyday life is related to technology in a certain way. Over the years, technology has created amazingly beneficial resources that provide us quick and convenient access to all the information that we need. The technological development has resulted in several mind-blowing discoveries, better luxuries, and better facilities, and also dramatically changed our day to day life.

What is the usage of technology in our everyday life?

From computers, tablets, laptops, and televisions to cell phones, refrigerators and ovens, the use of the advanced level gadgets, has brought about a significant change in the way a person communicates, works, studies, shops, plays, and also behaves. Let us see all those ways in which technology has impacted our daily life.

Enhanced Communication

The continuous advancements in technology have resulted in the appearance of several new means of electronic communication. A few of them being social networking websites, voicemails, video conferences, and emails. All of these advanced communication technology tools have assisted in the elimination of distance and time constraints to enjoy effective communication.

Promotes Cultural Education

Technology is beneficial not just in improving personal relationships, but also in areas of business and education. By providing opportunities to communicate with other children, belonging to other countries, technology has provided a great way to learn about the culture, philosophies, lifestyles, and values of other nations.

Better Home Entertainment

With the rapid progress of the Internet, social networks and mobile connectivity, traditional entertainment avenues like videotapes, CDs, DVDs have got replaced by modern electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, LCD and LED technologies. These new technological devices come with greater storage capacity, portability, safety, and convenience.

Old and outdated television sets with inefficient screens, low definition and inferior video and audio quality, have now replaced by wider screen smart TVs, LCD and Xbox units that provide an enhanced level of home entertainment. With home theatre systems, you can enjoy the theatre-like experience at your home.


Improved Lifestyle

Besides education and communication, there is one more area that has been largely benefitted by technology, that is “Lifestyle”.  Majority of the products and devices that are used by households are automated. This greatly contributes towards making life easier, safer and better organized. Advanced technological solutions like automated door locking system, CCTV cameras, and lighting control systems have given peace of mind that our home will be safe and protected without being physically present.

With the growing number of e-commerce stores, shopping for items such as clothes, electronics, shoes, groceries, etc. can be done at the comfort of home. This saves one from the hassles to commuting to a shop, comparing in different shops, standing in long queues and carry shopping bags to your home.  Online shopping brings the shop at your doorstep where you can browse and compare a thousand of product at your finger steps. Besides saving time and effort, attractive discounts and wholesales rates give you significant money savings too.

Improved Healthcare

The improvements in technology in the field of healthcare can’t be ignored. Presently a majority of hospitals have implemented the latest technologies and surgical rooms, that greatly benefits a patient in the form of quick, convenient and precise diagnosis and treatment.

Better accessibility of medical treatment is another amazing way in which technology has improvised the entire health care system. There are several many health desktop and phone apps that enable you to monitor your heart rate, weight, and other simple medical checks at your convenience.

With the internet, you can acquire any type of information related to medicine, disease, medical technologies like XRay, ECG, Ultrasound, EEG, and many more quickly on your electronic gadget. There are useful gadgets like smartwatches and fitness trackers that help you track your health at all the time.

Some websites and applications provide a facility for people to consult with the doctor on a real-time basis.  This is helpful for people who are unable to reach a hospital due to any reason. Technology assists doctors to use videos, e-mails and text messages to consult colleagues from different parts of the world. This proves to be very beneficial for doctors and patients that live in rural areas.


Due to these benefits, technology has become an eminent part of people in present-day life. Various technologies are implemented in different aspects of life and business function. Therefore, embracing it, honoring it and learning the right use of it is beneficial. With the emergence of new technologies, it is important to stay updated with the latest emerging technologies and using them in daily life.


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