Pros And Cons Of Social media advertising


Social media marketing is not just limited to enterprises. It is now extensively used by small businesses who looks for cost effective options to add to their marketing blend. Before you make social media advertising as a part of your existing business marketing strategy, it is important to learn about pros and cons of social media channels that are available today.

Though the return on advertisement spend is high for social media marketing, a business should determine the right marketing channel before spending money on it. To assist with this consideration, here is a list of the advantages and drawback of social media advertising platforms.

Social media advertising pro and cons

Best way to increase engagement

Social media marketing is profitable and highly-utilized forms of online advertising used in today’s perspective. It is a surefire means to build and enhance brand awareness and engagement for the business.

Offer brand building opportunities

From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Instagram, key social media networks are getting exponentially popular day by day. This mode of advertising has opened an exciting world of brand-building opportunities. It has continuously evolved to provide exceptional value and convenient to use marketing method for varied types of businesses.

Creates long term business relationships

Professional, and business-oriented networks like LinkedIn aims at creating essential B2C, P2P and B2B connections. It helps in introducing users to distinctive brands with less urgency, and sales pressure. In this way social media advertising fosters long term relationships with its customers.


Social media marketing follows a PPC or pay-per-click model. It implies that you need to pay only when users perform the action that you want them to take. This can either be filling out a sales lead form or clicking through a web page.

Supporting Content

Along with paid social media advertising, you can even be sharing and posting various types of content such as videos, website links and photos, through free account on social media websites. This will help you strengthen your messaging and effectively reach your targeted business audience.


Social media advertising allows its users to be in full control of who views your advertisements. This saves your effort, time, and money. Along with gender, age, relationship to the business, and political affiliation, with social media advertising you can easily target interests, personality types, hobbies, homeowner status, and a lot more.

With this mode of advertising, you can easily put across your business message to the niche you want. Tools like distinctive landing web pages, and hashtags makes your promotions and messaging a lot pertinent, lucrative and fixated.

Develop Followers and Brand Loyalty

In place of sales pitching, and asking to carry out a sales transaction, social media marketing strategies allow users to communicate, foster loyalty, and gain their confidence. All this assists a business to generate revenue easily.

Easy to measure your business success

There are several ways in which a business can create engagement on social media. Some of them are likes, tweets, comments, downloads, retweets, posts and shares. These ways are simpler to track the business progress and also effective to calculate the success of the brand’s reach.

Drawbacks associated with Social Media Advertising


Due to the enormous potential of social media for expansion of a business, there is seen a lot of competition over there. According to a survey it has been found that more than 88 percentage of firms in the U.S. uses social media marketing tools for their business promotion. Looking at this intense contest among businesses, it requires a business to either invest more effort or time to develop compelling and distinctive content.

Constant Monitoring

Social media advertising needs regular supervision and monitoring. For a business to successfully engage with the clients, it needs to be prompt in answering their queries and feedback.

It should consistently post enriching digital content that will get it noticed on the web. It is needed that a business dedicates a good portion of time for the upkeep of social media advertisements.


Everything that one sees on social media is not true. There is a possibility that the details you find on these channels are not right. This results in misinformation. There are also chances of your posts to get misinterpreted, drastic rise in cost per click, or failing to correctly read your audience’s mind.


No matter what type of business you run, social media marketing is considered to be the future of advertising. Its potential to generate profit while genuinely and simultaneously engage with new and existing customers is irrefutable.

Just like any other investment, it requires determination and will power to put everything into it and face challenges to reach unprecedented heights of success. I hope this list has helped you consider whether or not social media marketing services are appropriate for the needs of your business.

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