Pros And Cons Of Mobile Phone Usage In Classroom


We are so much used to mobile phones that imagining a life without them is next to impossible. Mobiles offer a variety of benefits in daily life in the form of effective learning, quick and easy communication, etc. However, people have good and bad opinions when it comes to using mobile phones in classrooms. This post will address to this concern and provide you the advantages and disadvantages of its use. It will help you decide how beneficial and legitimate is it to use mobile phones in classroom.

What are the Pros And Cons of Usage Of Mobile In Classroom

Pros of using mobile in schools

An added layer of security

There has been increasing incidences of violence in school premises. When confronted with a critical situation, they can contact emergency services, or speak to their parents to seek support from them. In this way, they need not tackle the situation all by themselves. Use of mobile phones by students ensure their parents that their children will be safe and protected.

Aids in carrying out research

Cellphones provides quick access to students to research on any topic they need to learn. They can obtain an in-depth information on a specific subject matter, and enhance their knowledge. Some students who are shy to ask questions to teacher in the classroom can clarify their doubts via researching on mobile.

Quick and easy access to more information

Before the introduction of computers, and cellphones, students were only dependent on textbooks and teachers to get the knowledge. Thanks to the technological advancement that has provided a new way to students to access ample learning resources at their fingertips. The knowledge acts as a supplement to the information they obtain via textbooks and teachers.

Access to video learning

Use of mobile phones in the classroom assist learning. Internet is a hub of educational tutorials and videos. A mobile phone helps a student to access this vast repository of information in just a few clicks.

With it, a student can grasp the video content without disturbing others. Online video learning provides understanding of the major historical events from a fresh and unbiased outlook, that is generally not provided in textbooks.

Cons of using mobile in schools

Creates health issues

Mobile phones are a key contributing factor in causing hyperactivity in a child. There are behavioral concerns associated with its use. Unsupervised use of mobile can even lead to distraction or lack of focus in a classroom.

Access to inappropriate information

It is important to know the fact that all that you see and hear on the Internet is not completely true. There is a possibility to get fake information that can misled a student. It is thus very important for a student to differentiate between reliable and non-reliable sources of information. With availability of several websites to be viewed on any mobile device, students can even access any inappropriate content during the school hours.

Distracts student in multiple ways

The modern cellphone provides you an ability to carry out more operations than just sending a text or make a call. There are endless apps that can be accessed using this device for making social interaction or playing games. By downloading these apps, it takes no time for students to get addicted by them. In this way, a mobile phone can distract a user in various ways. Their focus will deviate from studying and maintaining good grades to building new social connections.

Creates a sense of competition

When students use mobile phones in the classroom, it can create a sort of competition within them as to what model others are using. Students who use average mobiles can even be bullied or made fun by others. Such comparison can cause inferiority complex in students. Due to this reason, limiting mobile access can provide more positives to a few students, even if that lessens their access to the overall information.

A social disconnect.

There is no comparison between a personal discussion and an online or virtual discussion. Use of mobiles in classroom for an extended period of time can cause them to get disconnected from organized sports, interactions with teacher and administrative staff and face-to-face social activities.

Can encourage cheating

Use of mobile in classroom can encourage unethical practices and even cheating in exams. When mobiles are allowed during exams, students can get tempted to use it to refer to Google to get answers.


Looking at the pros and cons, in my views, there is no harm in using a mobile in classroom, if students understand the right way to use it. Mobile phones should be permitted in the classroom with a key condition that its use will be controlled with strict guidelines. In place of banning phones in educational institutions, educators should teach students the right way to use phones to supplement their learning, promote online safety and secure higher grades.

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