Advantages And Disadvantages Of iPhone 11


Apple has recently launched the iPhone 11 in the market. This phone has gained mixed reviews from people. The company claims that the newer version has got several enhancements over its predecessor. Some of the interesting features of the new iPhone 11 will surely attract people such as its major camera enhancements, that includes night mode, an ultra-wide lens, ‘slofies’, along with a multitude of other improvements to the processing, battery life, and display.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of iPhone 11

Despite the improvements, there are a few serious disappointments that would require you to think twice before you buy it. No 5G support, no radical design level changes, no compatibility with advanced AR features, traditional lightning ports wit no support to USB C- chargers, etc. can make it unappealing to people. Let us take a detailed look at the pros and cons of iPhone 11.

Advantages of iPhone 11

Triple Camera Setup

The iPhone 11 comes with a triple-camera system that comprises of ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lenses. This triangular configuration comes with a 120-degree field of view, 12MP sensors, enhanced optical image stabilization, and a brilliant image capture capability of up to 4 times more detail, ability to shoot high-quality video, and exemplary low-light shots.

Night Mode Feature

Night mode automatically turns on in dark surroundings to brighten images and lower reduce noise levels in indoor and low-light photos. Use of manual controls and automatic processing enables user with low-light crisp shots for a good click.


QuickTake allows users to instantly begin recording. This feature gets activated by pressing and holding the Shutter button in photo capturing mode.

Ultra-Wide Camera

Apple iPhone comes with a redesigned camera interface that provides new ultra-wide camera feature. It gives a translucent view of the things outside the frame, along with an ability to get a bigger “ultra-wide” shot of an image.  The ultra-wide camera enables edge-to-edge landscape shots, virtually “back up” in tight spaces using its 4x optical zoom.

A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone 11 is driven by the powerful A13 Bionic chip, that has 8.5 billion transistors. It makes it capable of executing more than one trillion CPU operations in a second.

Improved Battery Life

Another remarkable feature of iPhone 11 is its extended battery life. It provides an hour longer battery life that is higher than its predecessors.


One of the main reasons to buy this phone is Video enhancement. The front camera of iPhone 11’s now contains a wider megapixel sensor. It also can rotate to “landscape mode” to take a selfie. The front camera of the iPhone can take 4K video with an extended dynamic range of 30fps. A new “slo-mo” mode, is introduced by Apple that makes it possible to take “slofies.”

Screen Quality

iPhone 11 has an LCD screen that is outstanding in terms of color reproduction, sharpness, viewing angles and detail.

Locking mode

iPhone 11 use Face ID for unlocking the phone. This is a far more comfortable, and reliable way to keep your phone stuff protected.  Apple touted that its new iPhone 11, this feature has got upgraded. It can easily detect a face at wider angles.

Ease of Use

The iPhone 11 Pro is designed to be comfy-to-hold, one-hand-use and super-pocketable.

Cons of iPhone 11

5G support

The new iPhone lacks the latest 5G network support. So, if you buy this iPhone model, you would be deprived to experience the fastest 5G connectivity.

Advanced AR features:

Apple iPhone 11 lacks the advanced AR feature. The company is still working on this feature and hopefully, their upcoming releases will be introduced with the AR headset. The present iPhone 11 model is not completely compatible with the AR features.

Outdated design:

The new iPhone 11 comes with a big notch. It features the same old design as seen in its earlier versions. There is nothing new advancement in the design perspective. On comparing with the latest smartphones of other top brands in the market, the design of iPhone 11 may look outdated and unappealing to users. After one year, your phone will look outdated. As iPhones are not replaced frequently, so if the design is your concern, then this phone is not appropriate for you.


Where the entire industry is adapting to USB-C standard, with iPhone 11, you will remain stuck with the same lightning ports. In the coming time, when USB-C chargers and accessories will be common everywhere, you will require to carry a dongle with this iPhone 11 all the time.


The decision whether to invest money on iPhone 11 or wait till 2020 for more advanced versions completely depends on your priorities. If the better camera, display, processing speed, and the battery is what you need, then iPhone 11 could be the best bet for you. On the other hand, if you are focused on getting better connectivity, Pro features, design, etc. then it is better to save your money for upcoming iPhone versions.


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