One Plus 7T Pros and Cons

One Plus 7T Pros and Cons


The OnePlus 7T is an upgrade of the standard OnePlus 7 model. It comes with several new enhancements and appealing features such as a large sized 6.55inches display, an improved camera setup, a 30W quick charging support and a bigger battery. Its subtle design and 4th generation matte glass finish makes it appealing to users.

Though, there are a few downsides to it that compels us to make a second thought whether it is a good deal to consider. This article takes you through its pros and cons to help you arrive at the right buying decision.

One Plus 7T Pros and Cons

Features of One Plus 7T


  • The One Plus 7T looks good and feel solidly built too. Its smooth matte glass body feels lovely when held in the hand.
  • When talking about the display, 7T shares a lot of similarities with its predecessor. Its display provides an optical fingerprint reader. The screen size of One Plus 7T has increased to a little extent. Earlier model had the screen size of 6.41 inches which is now increased to 6.55 inches. One Plus 7T now comes with a screen ratio of “20:9”.
  • The fingerprint reader produces a bright white light in place of a green glow. It is designed to be more responsive than its predecessor OnePlus 7.
  • The speaker grille provided on its top is also large. This implies impressive sound quality and support for high-quality sound formats.
  • The button layout offer consistency, and the physical slider helps in tweaking the alert modes of the handset.
  • One Plus 7T comes in a limited selection of colors. You only get two colour options to choose from. It is smoky grey finish or glacier blue metallic finish. However, both these options look remarkable.
  • One of the biggest design changes that you will see in One Plus 7T is its triple camera that is housed in a bulging circular module.



  • Though the flat panel edges of 7T makes it unattractive, they reduce possibilities of phone to slip out of the finger.
  • Color and contrast are strong in 7T. They are adjusted to more warmer tones as compared to the 7 Pro.

Storage, Performance, and Battery life

The OnePlus 7T is viewed to excel in all these three areas. It is equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage space. This much storage is more than sufficient for anyone. OnePlus 7T is built with the most recently introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset. The Snapdragon 855+ supports 15% more graphics.

As far as the battery is concerned, One Plus 7T comes in at 3,800mAh. Warp Charge 30T provides 20 % faster charging. This implies that the battery will only need twenty minutes to get charged from 0 % to 50 %.


The OnePlus 7 Pro sports its triple camera with a claim to even substitute a DSLR. It provides a 48MP primary lens, an f/1.6 aperture, and an electronic and optical image stabilization. It offers a 16MP wide-angle lens with a 117 degrees field of view, an f/2.2 aperture. Its telephoto lens completes the combination to give impressive results.  The 16MP front-facing camera produce exceptional level portrait and normal selfies.

Its electronic and optical image stabilization lowers noise and absorbs more light to provide better nightscape. The outcome is well illuminated dim photos. Its “Night Sight” mode generates shots that draws more picture detail without excessively smoothing the picture.

Its telephoto lens allows lossless pics at a 2* zoom that delivers remarkable close-up shots. The ‘Super Macro’ mode has the ability to handle elaborate shots extremely well at just a 2.5cm away.

Videos can be captured at a maximum of 4K screen at an impressive speed of 60 frames/ second with decent stabilization. People with shaky hands will find its new ‘Super Stable’ mode convenient to record 1080p videos easily.

Pros of One Plus 7T

  • 90Hz refresh rate makes the display wonderfully smooth
  • Blistering fast high-end processor
  • Exemplary performance
  • The latest Android 10 OS with beneficial software enhancements
  • Fast in-display fingerprint sensor
  • Excellent build quality
  • Triple-camera array

Cons of One Plus 7T

  • No wireless charging
  • Large, and ugly camera
  • No IP68 dust or water resistance
  • No headphone jacks
  • No extra dual lens, and wide-angle wizardry
  • No customized image signal processor
  • Colors delivered do not provide actual representation of real-life objects


With all the above features and functions, it is quite clear that OnePlus 7T has again launched an outstanding phone. Its advantages surpass its cons and makes it a best buy under this price. Designed to be easier to use, this narrower, lighter and thinner phone is one of the finest Android phones to buy in 2019.

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