How To Take A Screenshot On Apple Television

Step By Step Procedure To Take A Screenshot On Apple Television


The method to connect an Apple TV to a Mac is based on a USB-C port present on the backside of the 4th generation set-top box. This will help users to set up a wired connection. As there is no such port available on the latest 5th generation Apple TV, the above method will not be useful for the latest Apple mobile users.

However, with TV OS 11 and Mac OS High Sierra, one can connect Mac wirelessly via a 4th or a 5th generation Apple television present on the same Wi-Fi network. There is no need to download Xcode and any other types of software for this purpose. By following the below steps, you can capture images and video in no time.

Before we proceed, you need to know that the below method can’t be used for recording DRM-protected content of iTunes or Netflix.

How To Take A Screenshot On Apple Television

Using macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11

This is the procedure to capture video and images from your Apple television wirelessly using Mac.

Step 1: Switch on the Apple TV and HDMI-connected display.

Step 2: On your Apple TV, you need to open the Settings menu and then choose Network.

Step 3: Under Connection, ensure that the Wi-Fi network is selected.

Step 4: Click on the Wi-Fi menu icon on your Mac to ensure that both are sharing the same network.

Step 5: On Mac, start QuickTime Player. You will find this software in the Applications folder.

Step 6: In the QuickTime menu, click on File -> New Movie Recording. This will open a new recording window.

Step 7: Now click on the down arrow present to the right side of the recording button.

Step 8: From the dropdown menu, choose Apple TV under the microphone and camera sections.

Step 9: You will see a screen asking for permissions on the Apple TV display. Choose “Allow”, with the help of your Siri Remote.

Step 10: To start video recording, click on the record button.

Step 11: To capture the screen of your Apple TV from the desktop, press the keys “Control-Shift-4” together and hover the mouse cursor over the Recording window of QuickTime Movie software.

Step 12: Now press the spacebar. This will help in turning your screen into a camera.

Step 13: Wait for a few seconds for the title bar to disappear and QuickTime interface to overlap. Now click to take the screenshot on your Apple TV. This process will automatically save the screenshot to the desktop by default.

Using the traditional method

To try the conventional method of taking screenshots on Apple TV, you have to download Xcode developer utility of Apple from the Mac Application Store. As it is a heavy 5.5GB download, you can run into connectivity problems if you are using a beta version of TVOS.

Once you install Xcode 9.2, you need to launch this utility. Choose Window > Devices > Simulators from the menu. Here, in the devices tab, you will find a screenshot button that shows that you have successfully connected to an Apple television.


In this way, both these methods will help you take screenshots from your Apple television.

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