How social media is uniting the world?


Today, social media is seen as a significant platform of communication. This network provides an amazing ability to people to connect with others online. It has been a great boon to the entire universal connectivity. Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. has generated new possibilities via connections. Here we will see a few ways in which social media unites people and transforms culture through technology and connections.

Connect us to people

The Social Network is a powerful tool to connect people. It connects everyone to one single network. This connection between people is not just limited to entertainment, but also in hours of need to assist each other. People connect to each in meaningful ways. They get united to serve the nation at the time of crisis. This form of unison contributes towards building a prosperous nation.

In terms of entertainment, social media has the ability to keep people in touch with high school mates, with whom you went on camp, and tours, etc. You may have lost the contact with your old friends, but the huge network of social media will help you find them and reconnect with them.

Social media is a broad network of acquaintances, colleagues and friends. With the news, and updates in the form of pictures, you can stay updated of each other’s life. In this way social media reunites people from all stages of life.

How social media is uniting the world?

Liberty of expression

Another way in which social media unite the world is by giving opportunity to people to get heard. It is a wonderful platform that takes the voice of the common man to nooks and corners of the world. Social media is a powerful tool to provide each individual a chance to express them freely. With an unrestricted expression of the self, you start seeing your own refection in others.

Get support from people

Social media is a place where you get connected to a vast community of people. It can be your relatives, family members, old and new friends, corporate colleagues, businesses and a lot more. You get support from them in the moments of need. Social media is a remarkable platform to talk about issues, pleasures and challenges.

People connect and become exposed to comfortable as well as diverse perspectives. With the unity and support, you can develop things, create things, connect with each other, self-organize around substantial issues, and take little steps to bring a favourable change in the world bit by bit.

Mass sourced wisdom

Social media presents fabulous opportunities to share the knowledge, experiences and wisdom. It is a place to post any question on the web and get its sensible answer from any part of the world.

Besides wisdom, you can even learn from each other. From health tips to dance or learning a new language, more and more people are benefitting from social media to enhance their skills. It is a very interesting and a beneficial exchange that happens between an instructor and a student. This information exchange is another way social media unite people on a global level.

Social media has served as a channel to unleash the creativity and inspiration. Everyone gets an equal chance to contribute their talent or knowledge in their own way. With this medium, you can share your creative ideas and skills. Pinterest is one of those social media channels that has redefined the digital catalog or portfolio.

Enhanced admiration of the handmade and unique

There are a lot of businesses that runs on social media that provides an extensive collection of the handmade and the unique.  This platform has been a wonderful place for domestic entrepreneurs to expand their business online.

Revealing the truth

Twitter has been the best channel to post any issue and ask for support. Retweets is the weapon to not just expose information but also transform thought process.  It is an incredible and unstoppable tool to unite people to address challenges and make the world a better place to live.

Transformation of the world

Social media is an amazing tool that allows a total transformation of the present world. This happens by transforming the values via real-time sharing of visceral experiences and information.  People get the power to reach to any person or place in the world.

Changing the minds of people via emails, blogs, and social media channels, we can see expansion of consciousness in people. These tools let us have conversations in incomparable ways with unmatched access to the people. It fosters unity in people and bring about the desired change in the world.


Overall, Social media has a great potential to bring the world closer on personal levels as well as on “human interest” levels like global crisis situation. It is important to remember to use this medium judiciously and ethically without getting obsessed with it.

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