Ways To Capture Screenshot On Huawei Phones


Screenshots are one of the common features available in Huawei phones. Just like any other Android smartphone presently available on the market, Huawei phones also allow you to capture a screenshot with the help of the volume and the hardware power keys. The latest Huawei device i.e., EMUI 5.0 enables its users to take scrolling screenshots and partial screenshots using knuckle. We will cover all these methods in this article.

Ways To Capture Screenshot On Huawei Phones

Steps to take a Screenshot:

Whatever you see on the screen can be captured as a screenshot. It can be any image, menu or app. Let us begin with the procedure.

  • Go to the screen that you want to capture.
  • Hold the volume down button and power button together. Don’t release them till you hear a camera shutter sound and a notification that confirms that screenshot has been taken successfully.

These are the steps that you need to take a screenshot. Your screenshot will be saved in either in the Screenshot folder in My Pictures folder or in Screenshot folder in DCIM in your phone. Visit these locations to access your screenshot.

Steps to take a Scrolling Screenshot:

  • Find the screen for capturing a scrolling screenshot.
  • Press the Power button and Volume down button together
  • After a few seconds you will see an animation. This will let you know that you have successfully captured the image
  • Before the animation vanishes, tap on the “Scrollshot” option
  • This will make your phone to start scrolling down on the screen and get added to the original screenshot.
  • Till you tap the screen, the screen will continue to scroll. By tapping the device screen, you will indicate it to stop the scrolling.
  • The recently clicked scroll shot will now appear on the display for you to inspect. From here, you can Share, Edit, or Delete the image

Use applications to capture screenshot

You can even use a variety of screenshot applications available in the Google Play Store. Most of them are free versions. By downloading these apps in your phone, it will enable your Huawei phone to capture screenshots instantly. A few of these applications are “A Screen shot”, “Screen shot it” etc.

Though, in some Huawei phones it has been observed that sometimes these apps fail to produce accurate results. You can see a pink or a green tint, or more saturated colors along the shot. This problem can be solved by installation of “Screen Shot ER” that produces excellent screenshots regardless of the manufacturing brand of the device.

In some cases, to get proper screen shots it is required to root your phone. To do this, you need to download the HiSuite (a free application available on Huawei website) and install the necessary drivers. Now enable the USB debugging, and root your device.

If you only want to take screenshot of web pages, then there is an application dedicated for it. This application is called “Dolphin Browser”. It is available for free on Google Play Store. Download and install this application along with a free addon named “screen cut”. This browser will assist you to capture screenshot of any website that you view in the dolphin browser.

Take screenshot by connecting your Huawei phone with your PC

There is one more way to take a screenshot from your Huawei phone. It is by connecting your phone to the PC. This can be a complex process, but it will produce best quality and effective results. This method works well in any Android phone version. It is suitable for people who are not able to take screenshots directly on their phone.

Steps to take a Knuckle screenshot:

A knuckle screenshot can be taken by performing following steps:

  • Enable the “knuckle feature” by going to the Settings menu > Smart assistance > Motion control
  • Under the subheading of “Knuckle Gestures”, click on the “smart screenshot” option
  • Now toggle on smart screenshot
  • Now knock firmly with the knuckle to capture a screenshot. Another way to do is to tap once and draw a square or a circle to capture the selected region without lifting your hand. You can even begin a video recording of the screen by knocking the device two times at the same time or tap and draw an “S” to begin a scrolling screenshot.


So, these are the simple ways in which you can take a screenshot on your Huawei Android phone. Try them out to find the best one that feels convenient to you.

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